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Content curation made effortless

Did you know 64% of content creators face challenges in curating engaging content consistently? 

Overcome this challenge with Letterhead's Smart RSS Feed Automation, and keep your newsletters both engaging and relevant with ease.

Our innovative tool pulls in fresh content from your selected feeds, integrating it seamlessly into your newsletters.

RSS feeds

Curate outstanding newsletters in just minutes

Simply enter the RSS feed URL of your choice into our user-friendly composer tool, and watch as our state-of-the-art automation transforms your newsletter process. Your newsletters will automatically feature the latest articles – eliminating the need for manual curation. Now that's working smarter.

Automated newsletters

Start Automating in Minutes

Get going with these simple steps:
  • Verify feed compatibility.
  • Add an RSS block and enter the URL.
  • Set the number of articles, layout, and other preferences.
Sit back and let the automation work its magic!

Still manually curating content? 

Make managing content effortless with Letterhead's RSS Automation. Schedule a complimentary demo today.

How often are feeds checked for new content?


How often are feeds checked for new content?

Feeds are checked for updates every 4 hours to ensure content stays fresh.

Can I customize curated articles?

Yes, you can edit headlines, add summaries, tweak images, and more before sending.

What feed sources can I use?

You can use any publicly available RSS feed from websites, blogs, news sources, and more.


Don’t take our word for it.

JESSICA FORD Director, Techstars StartupDigest

"Letterhead has been an invaluable resource for us. Not only did it meet our budget needs, but it also enabled us to create personalized, creative newsletters that made our brand stand out. The customer support team was always available to help us with any issue or question, and their flexible platform allowed us to grow and adapt as our subscriber list and needs changed."


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