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Sync your data automatically

  • Eliminate tedious manual transfers
  • Centralize subscriber and content data
  • Create unified workflows and insights
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Automated Newsletter Integrations

Zapier  - Build simple automations between Letterhead and 1,000+ apps without coding.

Expanded APIs - Customize integrations via code for unlimited possibilities. Explore our developer documentation to see all the options before you.

Webhooks - Set up instant triggers based on Letterhead events, like when a newsletter is published.

Seamlessly integrate Letterhead with your:

  • CRMs like Hubspot or Salesforce

  • CMSs like WordPress or Squarespace

  • Collaboration Tools like Asana and Notion

  • Analytics Platforms

  • And things you probably haven’t even dreamed up yet!


Unify Your Data and Maximize Insights

With our integrations, your platforms and data work in harmony:

  • Centralize subscriber profiles across all tools
  • Curate content instantly from CMS to newsletter
  • Pass email data to CRM, analytics, etc.
  • Receive real-time notifications on key events
  • Create integrated cross-channel journeys
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No more siloed data and disjointed workflows. Just unified insights and experiences.