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Choose the Best Platform to Create and Run Your Newsletter

Looking to grow your newsletter audience and reach more engaged subscribers? 

Letterhead is the smarter way to not just grow your newsletter audience but to truly engage and monetize your subscriber base efficiently. Join a community of publishers who manage over 1800+ successful newsletters and have grown their audiences. 

Why Newsletter Creators Love Letterhead 

Letterhead automates and optimizes your newsletters, turning them into powerful tools for engagement and revenue generation without the manual effort.

Effortless Content Aggregation

Seamlessly Integrate Diverse Content Sources

While Mailchimp’ allows you to share your content through social media, Letterhead simplifies newsletter creation by automatically aggregating and transforming content from various sources – such as your website, social media, and podcasts – into ready-to-send newsletters. No more manual searching and formatting needed!

Advanced Automation

Get more from your newsletters without more work.

Get more from your newsletters without more work.

Mailchimp’s subscriber journey is difficult to manage. It offers tools that users often find hard to use in increasing their newsletters' performance. 

Letterhead, on the other hand, provides tailored data, tools, and controls for each newsletter, doing all the work for you and enhancing performance effortlessly.


Enhanced Revenue Operations

Smart is generating revenue from day one.

Ditch the spreadsheets for manually tracking ads. Our all-in-one dashboard automates it all. Easily manage ad creatives, placements, and sales in one place

Design, sell, and manage sponsorships, ads, promos, products, and in-house ads. Plus, our Ad Marketplace offers automated ad fill options and cost-per-open/click ads from top brands.

Still manually curating content? 

Make managing content effortless with Letterhead's RSS Automation. Schedule a complimentary demo today.

How often are feeds checked for new content?


How often are feeds checked for new content?

Feeds are checked for updates every 4 hours to ensure content stays fresh.

Can I customize curated articles?

Yes, you can edit headlines, add summaries, tweak images, and more before sending.

What feed sources can I use?

You can use any publicly available RSS feed from websites, blogs, news sources, and more.


Don’t take our word for it.

Todd Stauffer, AAN Association Manager
TODD STAUFFER AAN Association Manager

"Moving from generic mail providers to a tool that's specifically designed for publishers has been a game changer. Letterhead isn’t just another email tool; it's tailor-made for our unique needs."


Trusted by publishers of 1,800+ newsletters.

How is Letterhead the smarter way for you? 

Discover the smarter plan for your newsletter operations or schedule a call with us.

Starting Price
Active Subscribers Included
Up to 2,500 on Essential Plans 
Up to 500 on Free plan
Content Curation Tools
Yes on all plans
No, requires add-ons
Unlimited Sends
Yes, on all paid plans
No, limits apply on Free and lower paid plans
Email, chat, and priority support on higher plans
Email and chat support only
Automated Tooling
Advanced workflows included
Basic workflows only, upsells required
Ad & Partnership Management
Yes, built-in
Requires add-ons
Onboarding & Strategy Sessions
1 session - Essential Plans
Quarterly - Higher plans
No specialized onboarding


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