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Evvnt is the ultimate genie for event listing and ticketing. With a single submission, your event gets syndicated across a whopping network of more than 5500 event listing sites and calendars, reaching out to a staggering 43M+ consumers. But why stop there when you can skyrocket your event's exposure, multiply ticket selling platforms, and boost your SEO rankings on major search engines? Evvnt wraps all this magic into one neat package, topped with features such as reserved seating, online and mobile check-in with scanning, unlimited ticket types and prices, event marketing and promotional tools, reporting and analytics, and much more. With rave reviews from customers worldwide, Evvnt is your golden ticket to event success.

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Technology Partner


Poool is a comprehensive suite designed for content creators to seamlessly convert their audience into leads, members, and subscribers. This platform is a game-changer for all types of content producers, offering a robust registration and subscription stack available on both web and iOS mobile apps. With Poool, you can create targeted offers, build and manage your entire subscription journey, and have access to every tool needed to oversee your strategy, including a comprehensive database and analytics. It's designed to be simple yet flexible, adapting to the unique strategies of its clients while integrating with their existing tool ecosystem. The results speak for themselves, with clients reporting a 200% conversion rate and a twofold increase in logged-in traffic.

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Business Partner

David Arkin Consulting

David Arkin Consulting helps solve a media company's biggest challenges through fractional digital leadership, content that drives revenue and proven strategies that help grow your audience.

A nationally-recognized audience leader, David has led content for some of the country’s largest news organizations, as well as family-owned companies and even built his own media business from scratch. Today, he helps media companies grow their audiences through strategies that improve their digital content, SEO, social media and newsletter strategies. He also works with sales teams on a successful branded content strategy that is accelerating new revenue.

Reselling Partner

Derek's Websites and More

Derek's Websites and More, situated in Macedon, New York, is a one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs. This professional agency offers a comprehensive range of services from website design to SEO, email marketing, graphic design, and more. They emphasize security, accessibility, and legal compliance when creating websites, ensuring that not only does your site look good, but it also provides a safe and inclusive environment for visitors. The firm also offers insightful analytics, helping businesses understand their audience better. With additional services like one-on-one tutorials, Derek's Websites and More positions itself as your personal digital marketing strategist.

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Imagine having a personal wordsmith right there in your newsroom, brainstorming with you and helping to create the perfect headlines and descriptions. That's what YESEO feels like! It's a clever little companion living right inside your Slack workspace. And the best part? It’s absolutely free! It learns from your work, provides impactful suggestions, and is as simple to use as copy and paste. Your data is kept secure and private, and it's only used to help the app learn and grow, never sold or misused. If you need any help, you can just reach out to their friendly support team. The magic behind YESEO is AI, but remember, it's not infallible - always use your own judgment too.
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