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Discover the Superior Alternative to Substack

Tired of complex newsletter workflows? Choose Letterhead for a smarter approach. 

Unlike other platforms, Letterhead helps you grow your audience and revenue without the hassle. 

Our platform isn't just an alternative to Substack – it's a leap forward. We help you grow your newsletter operations, ensuring that your time and effort yield maximum returns, not just increased workload. 

Automation Expertise

Fully to Partially Automated Workflows

Letterhead:  Automates the entire newsletter creation, tailors newsletter content, and sends optimized campaigns to every subscriber segment with advanced workflows.

Substack: Requires manual writing and sending of every newsletter.

Built-in Growth Tools

Stay Informed

Letterhead: Offers a user-friendly platform with integrated analytics for effective audience engagement and growth.

Substack: Leaves audience growth and discovery up to you.
Segmentation and Personalization

Know Your Audience. Grow your Audiences.

Letterhead: Features over 100+ customizable fields that enable you to segment subscribers and tailor content for targeted, personalized campaigns.

Substack: Limited to basic email address collection.


Integrate Your Existing Content

Your Content Where It's Needed

Letterhead: Offers many options to pull your content from your existing publishing workflows to easily integrate into your newsletters, including your WordPress sites. 

Substack: Lacks automations for content curation.

Still manually curating content? 

Make managing content effortless with Letterhead's RSS Automation. Schedule a complimentary demo today.

How often are feeds checked for new content?


How often are feeds checked for new content?

Feeds are checked for updates every 4 hours to ensure content stays fresh.

Can I customize curated articles?

Yes, you can edit headlines, add summaries, tweak images, and more before sending.

What feed sources can I use?

You can use any publicly available RSS feed from websites, blogs, news sources, and more.


Don’t take our word for it.

JESSICA FORD Director, Techstars StartupDigest

"Letterhead has been an invaluable resource for us. Not only did it meet our budget needs, but it also enabled us to create personalized, creative newsletters that made our brand stand out. The customer support team was always available to help us with any issue or question, and their flexible platform allowed us to grow and adapt as our subscriber list and needs changed."


Trusted by publishers of 1,800+ newsletters.

How is Letterhead the smarter way for you? 

Discover the smarter plan for your newsletter operations or schedule a call with us.

Starting Price
Free but charges 10% of each transaction for subscriptions charged through the platform.
Active Subscribers Included
Up to 2,500 on Essential Plans 
Content Curation Tools
Yes on all plans
Digital Offerings
Paid newsletters
Strategy sessions
Paid newsletters
Automated Tooling
Advanced workflows included
Onboarding & Strategy Sessions
1 session - Essential Plans
Quarterly - Higher plans


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