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Unify Your Subscriber Data

The Power of Audience Insights

  • Create high-value segments

  • Consolidate subscriber data from all sources

  • Build complete pictures of each audience member

Screenshot of an expanded profile of a newsletter subscriber
Extended User Profile Video

Work Smarter.

Letterhead's expanded profiles allow you to curate a centralized profile for each of your subscribers with profile fields for demographics, interests, purchase history, and more.

Sync data from your CMS, CRM, analytics, and other platforms via API, Zapier, or CSV upload. With our customizable profile builder, you can tailor fields to your needs.

Get the full picture of each subscriber by unifying data in Letterhead.

Seamless Segmentation 

Centralized profiles enable you to segment and personalize your newsletters at scale. Send targeted content based on location, gender, interests, purchase history, and any other profile data.

Create high-value segments like power users, at-risk churners, or loyal advocates. Then engage each group with tailored content and messaging.

Streamlined Audience Insights

With a unified profile for each subscriber, you gain actionable insights to understand your audience and serve them better.

Then develop better content, drive engagement, and strengthen your community.